Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter 2012 Pictures

Easter Egg hunt with friends in our yard!
My Boys! :) Titus, Jeff & Everett
We had a great Easter - just the five of us. I made the family take a picture before we went inside and changed after church. It turned out good! I was so glad about that since we set the camera on a timer and hoped the kids at least kind of looked the right way. :)
Everett & Titus are getting BIG! 6 months old as of last week and Everett is rocking on his knees and Titus is just a little behind him. I think we'll have crawlers soon. Yikes!
Things here are going well. The kids are all doing great and growing. Campbell keeps us laughing with all the silly things she says. On our walk to church Sunday she stopped and said with conviction, " Mom! What is that smell? I know!! It smells like a reindeer eating a cupcake!" Where does she come up with this stuff? We laughed (but not too hard because she was actually serious.)

The boys as well as Jeff & I are still not sleeping. Between what I'm assuming to be a combination of 1. habit 2. growth spurt 3. allergies & itchy eczema 4. turning over on onto tummies but not able to get back to backs - All of this has equaled very little sleep for Jeff & I - particularly me. It's disabling some weeks and others not as bad. I don't wish away the baby stage but I cannot wait to get sleep again. Two babies waking up at night at different times all night has given me only one or two stretches of 1 1/2 to 2 hrs of sleep in a night mixed with power naps of 1/2 hrs - not enough! Only the Lord is getting me through! I know we've got to figure it out soon though or the boys will never learn to sleep well.

So - outside of sleep, the rest of life is well and full and joyful. I love my kiddos and love watching who they are becoming! We're all excited for summer to be here and warm weather that we can have the babies in. Also we get to travel to Montana in June and cannot wait to spend a couple of weeks with our family!!