Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter 2012 Pictures

Easter Egg hunt with friends in our yard!
My Boys! :) Titus, Jeff & Everett
We had a great Easter - just the five of us. I made the family take a picture before we went inside and changed after church. It turned out good! I was so glad about that since we set the camera on a timer and hoped the kids at least kind of looked the right way. :)
Everett & Titus are getting BIG! 6 months old as of last week and Everett is rocking on his knees and Titus is just a little behind him. I think we'll have crawlers soon. Yikes!
Things here are going well. The kids are all doing great and growing. Campbell keeps us laughing with all the silly things she says. On our walk to church Sunday she stopped and said with conviction, " Mom! What is that smell? I know!! It smells like a reindeer eating a cupcake!" Where does she come up with this stuff? We laughed (but not too hard because she was actually serious.)

The boys as well as Jeff & I are still not sleeping. Between what I'm assuming to be a combination of 1. habit 2. growth spurt 3. allergies & itchy eczema 4. turning over on onto tummies but not able to get back to backs - All of this has equaled very little sleep for Jeff & I - particularly me. It's disabling some weeks and others not as bad. I don't wish away the baby stage but I cannot wait to get sleep again. Two babies waking up at night at different times all night has given me only one or two stretches of 1 1/2 to 2 hrs of sleep in a night mixed with power naps of 1/2 hrs - not enough! Only the Lord is getting me through! I know we've got to figure it out soon though or the boys will never learn to sleep well.

So - outside of sleep, the rest of life is well and full and joyful. I love my kiddos and love watching who they are becoming! We're all excited for summer to be here and warm weather that we can have the babies in. Also we get to travel to Montana in June and cannot wait to spend a couple of weeks with our family!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on the five of us

It's been quite a year for us. One that I'll never forget and one that I know the Lord is using to teach me and refine me with. My last blog post (almost a year ago -yikes!) we had just found out we were having twins. Well, we had them! :) And in this amazing moment today where all three of my kids are asleep at the same time, I thought I might share as much of the story of the last year as time will allow (until a baby wakes up). I have no idea if anyone reads this blog or if anyone is interested, but its fun for me to reflect.

The pregnancy was such an amazing blessing for us! As we've shared before, it's very hard for us to get pregnant. I know we're able to with the help of drugs and I don't take that for granted. I'm grateful that God has answered our prayers for a family with our children. And frankly, I'm astounded and so excited still that He chose to answer that prayer for us by giving us a two for one! ;) Practically the moment I became pregnant my body went crazy. I'm a lady that gets super sick when prego and this pregnancy was really bad. By 8 weeks I was already looking pregnant and feeling very sick - so much so that I had to go to the hospital and get 3 liters of fluids pumped back into me to get me out of the danger zone for dehydration. My Dr. put me on anti nausea meds and I was a new person (still sick every day but not all day every day). Until about 28 weeks I did really well and at the end of 28 weeks I went into pre-labor. This happens to a lot of twin pregnancies and actually happened to my Mom with my brother and I at 32 weeks. The difference is that we were able to manage my contractions and my Mom wasn't so she had Kyle & I two months early. I can honestly say the deep fear I struggled with in that first 24 hours of being in the hospital was one of the hardest 'moments' of my life so far. It's right up there with the night my brother and Dad were in a car accident and we didn't know if Kyle would be ok. It was hard but the Lord is good and after trying 3 different types of medications one finally helped "calm" my contractions a bit. I was sent home after 2 days and told to come back if anything changed at all and from that day on I was on modified bedrest until further notice.

Anyone who has endured bedrest can tell you it's tough! It may sound like a vacation but for me it was very difficult. I felt so angry for those weeks. I had lost control of being a hands on parent, I had very little control over what was occurring with my body and I lost the ability to leave my house except for the doctors appointments. My WONDERFUL Mother in Law dropped everything and came 6 weeks early to essentially take care of me and Campbell while I was unable to. What a gift she gave us! I love her so much and am grateful for her willingness to endure me (angry controlling pregnant lady) and Campbell (angry defiant confused-about-life 3 year old). We had a lot of rough spots peppered with great ones and long story short - we made it through! I'm convinced that if it weren't for Janet coming to help us, we would have had premie babies.

Lets skip to the labor/delivery part! I'll say that never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we'd have a labor/delivery like we had! It was "one for the books" my Dr. said! I was scheduled for a c sec or induction depending on the position of the boys for Oct. 11th. I had been having contractions for months at this point and they always hurt so I didn't really think I was going to go into labor any sooner than our due date. I should mention that despite my pre labor issues, I was able to make it to full term - 39 weeks! The night before our due date I gave Campbell a bath & put her to bed. Then I sat down on the couch with a bid bowl of ice cream and laughed and said wouldn't it be funny if I went into labor early? The funny part being we had to get up at 3am to be at the hospital by 5am anyway so I thought that would be very ironic. Apparently God has a good sense of humor. Around 1am I woke up with harder contractions than the ones I'd been having for so long. We timed them for 20 min and the intensity was building quickly. We decided to get ready to go to the hospital. I was told to take a shower with special soap before coming in for the c sec and thought I still needed to do that. In hind sight - maybe not the best decision. So I took a shower - Jeff is timing contractions, I'm stopping every 4 minutes to get through the painful contractions and then we got our stuff and left. My thought as I got in the car was "this is going to be the hardest car ride of my life!" I really had no idea that would be so true.

We live 45 min. away from the hospital. Jeff made it in 30 min. because about 20 min. in I was screaming, my water broke and I felt like pushing. Jeff yelled at me, "fight that urge!" and hit the gas. Praise Jesus there were no cops out that night. We got to the hospital and I had a hard bearing down contraction so the lady at the registration window put me in wheelchair and practically ran us up to maternity. From that point on I remember parts of things. I'm sure they checked me - don't remember. I did have another bearing down contraction moments after getting up to maternity that triggered a lot of people running around getting things and a nurse helping rip my clothes off and getting me into a delivery bed. I told the Dr. that I felt like pushing and he (awesome guy and happens to be my Dr.'s Dad ) told me, "well, push Honey!" He was very calm despite the chaos going on around him. So long story short I had 3 contractions and pushed out Everett who was screaming mad. My OB Dr. got there in time to catch Rett. One of my favorite parts was her sticky up bed head! She got to the hospital fast! I had about 5 minutes relief before hard contractions started again.

This was the scary part. We didn't know what position Titus was in. We were coming in at 5 am to have an ultrasound to check that but since we got there early and I was fully dilated and crowning there wasn't a option to check position. We also had the boys at a small hospital so the OR wasn't ready for us - essentially we had no other option than vaginal delivery for both boys, no matter if Titus was feet first or head down. Scary. My Dr. told me to PUSH to get Titus down far enough to figure out which direction he was. It was harder to get him down & out than it was Everett. I felt like I was pushing from my tonsils! God ROCKS though and Titus turned head down and my Dr. yelled "there's a head! We can do this! PUSH!" and I had him 14 minutes after Rett. Everett was 6lbs 6oz and Titus was 5lbs 13oz. By the hospital paperwork we had Everett 7 minutes after we got there and Titus 14 min after that. Two healthy boys! I had no drugs, not even a monitor on the babies. They managed to get an iv in me between babies being born so I felt really great and alert after they were born. We had our boys! Our second and third miracle babies!! God took care of every single detail of this entire process and I am eternally grateful. My heart will hold so close the events of the last year. I can't really express how much it has meant to me, but it has changed me.

Now I have three children. A three & a half year old and two three month olds. My life is full. My husband is amazing and gives 110% all the time and we are busy! Some days are incredibly hard, some are easy and all are a blessing. I've been helped by so many people and I've learned so much about the value of community in this.

That's most of our story! Now my days are feedings, naps, changing, trying to get some loves in for Campbell and so on. I don't leave my house much and I don't sleep much but I'm glad for my babies and I know it'll get easier soon. I'm try to find the moments each day to cherish and I can't get enough of my kids -they're amazing! Thanks to the Lord!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big News x's 2!!!

Hey friends and family,
We have some really wonderful and big news to share. Most of you already know but for those of you who don't....(drumroll please)

We're Pregnant with TWINS! :)

We couldn't be happier! It's been such an incredibly long and hard journey in many ways for us to get pregnant both with Campbell and now with these babies so we don't take lightly the grace the Lord has shown us. He's truly heard the desires of our hearts and has blessed us two times! I'm due Oct. 22nd and I'll be at 10 weeks tomorrow I think. We had our ultrasound last week and we took Campbell with us. We had our suspicions about there being more than one because I've been extremely sick (couldn't keep down a cracker, drink of water or anything for about 6 days in the beginning and then had to go to the hospital for 3 liters of iv fluids.), extremely tired (much more than we remember with Campbell), and I'm growing very fast (I'm showing about a month ahead of where a single pregnancy would be).

So when we got to the ultrasound and our suspicions were confirmed we were overjoyed! We've done many many months of clomid and another drug called metformin, suffered miscarriage and were on our last 6 months of drugs before there was no other options other than in-vitro, which is just too expensive of an option for us. We have tried to get pregnant again since about 6 months after Campbell was born so it's been a long journey. I know it's not as long and heartbreaking as some out there face - I feel very aware that God has blessed us in unmeasurable ways with our children. I'm so thankful for them! All this to say - we are THRILLED to be having TWINS!! :) We know it'll be chaotic and we may not sleep for a year but we're ok with that. We're having two babies!! YAY!

Campbell is equally excited to be a big sister and I know she'll be great at it! She talks to the babies and today tried to teach them to walk. It was hysterical! She asked if they could come out and play but I told her they had to grow a lot bigger first. Then she told them she loved them. How much better does life get?!

We don't have a digital copy of the ultrasound so I'll try to figure out how to get that up here soon. Thank you for all who have prayed for us during this journey! Prayers for the babies and pregnancy would be really appreciated.

This picture is from last week at the beginning of 9 weeks - as you can see, I'm already way bigger than a normal 9 week pregnancy. I think I'm as big right now as I was at 4 months with Campbell.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Yep, we're still here. :)

So 6 months is a long time between posts. I know. A lot has happened in our lives in that amount of time. Here's the brief update:
  • Jeff started year 2 of being a Director of Major Gifts at Houghton College
  • I started 2 part time jobs - 15 hours a week at the Houghton Campus Store and 16 hours watching a 2 & 4 year old.
  • Campbell is now going to a babysitters house 3 days a week and loves it. I honestly think the adjustment to going back to work and sending her off was harder on me than it was her. She's so social.
  • I'm helping co lead our women's bible study at church - a huge growing challenge for me as I don't feel leading/teaching is really in my gifting but I felt the Lord's encouragement to try.
  • Campbell is going to Puggles (Awana's for 2 yr olds) on Wed nights while I'm in bible study - again, she LOVES it! Anything with friends. :)
  • Spent Thanksgiving here in Houghton with my brother Troy and then drove down to PA and did Thanksgiving again with our friends Missy Davis, the Hanson's & the Loomis'. Nice to get away for a bit but in doing so realized how much of a homebody our adventurous little person actually is. Homebody and needer of routine. We didn't sleep much in that weekend away and crashed when we got home.
  • Grammy came to visit for a couple of weeks in early December - Yay!!
  • For the first time in 7 years we didn't travel for Christmas. We stayed here in NY and made our own family traditions. We had a very wonderful and relaxing Christmas - we did deeply miss our families though. We had a lot of fun because Cams really understood it all and it was all so magical to her.
  • I suppose that's about it for the big things. We have busy weeks and recovering weekends it seems. Not really how I want to live life, and we're getting better at being intentional but it's taken a semester to get our footing under us with me working.

Here's a few pictures from Christmas:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The last month

In the last month....

I turned 29
Got a beautiful chair for my birthday that I'm going to use as inspiration to decorate our bedroom
We've played with friends - Sam and Jack and Campbell are all the same age and we play with them a lot! We love them and their families tons!
Went to Sam and Jack's birthday party!
Gardened with Daddy and cleared a big flower bed...
dressed up in about 4 outfits a day and have loved being a princess
Helped Mama cook dinner (most nights this happens) and apparently loves lettuce
Got a beautiful new princess dress from Aunt Traci and Uncle Tony
...and play ice cream too! (Thanks T&T!)
We pretend to talk to Cinderella almost every day :)
We all went to a county fair and saw lots of animals which was so much fun!
Cams especially liked the cows!
We played with bubbles
Played and hiked at Moss lake - 5 min. away from our house
And lots more - but I don't have more pictures to show you of all the adventures we've been on.

Another new adventure which has started for our family is that I'm working again. I've accepted a part time position at Houghton's campus store. It's a new experience lining up daycare but I think it'll be positive all the way around.

That's it for now. We're all keeping busy and loving watching Campbell grow every day. Right now she's starting to have imaginary friends, be very opinionated and loves reading and running as fast as she can. She frequently cracks us up with what she says and we love it!

That's all for now.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer fun with Amelia

Summer Buddies

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Campbell's 2nd Birthday and other summer fun

Campbell asked her Daddy to help her blow out her candles. I can't believe she's two!
Nana & Papa being here is so special. Especially because Campbell and Papa share a birthday - Happy Birthday to Cams and Papa!
At the National Museum of Play in Rochester 

We got Campbell a bike for her 2nd birthday and she is so excited to be a big kid. :) Now we can go bike riding with our neighbors like Campbell has wanted to all summer!
Tonight Cams decided to hop in the pool after dinner fully clothed. Summer fun doesn't get better than this! 
This is Meng fei (pronounced mung -fey), a student at Houghton who is from China. We're his host family and have dinner all together most Sunday's. We've really loved getting to know him this year!
This was the morning of Campbell's birthday when she saw her new table and chairs from Grammy and Boppa for the first time. She was very happy to have it!
Seeing her new bike! Nana got her this monkey (she named him George) and Cams loves it! George has to take baths with her every night now. She washes him all up and teaches him how to swim. Pretty cute!
Princess Campbell in one of her new dresses from Nana & Papa coloring and playing tea party the day after her birthday. 
Now lunch is at our new table! :)
An AWESOME gift from Nana & Papa! This has been such a hit with Campbell! She wants us to go fast and pull her down the little hill in our yard. It's "very very fun!" as Campbell says. Thanks Nana & Papa!!!

Jeff and I have been married for 7 years tomorrow. We were blessed to go on a date and Steve & Janet watched Campbell for the evening. We went to dinner and a movie which we haven't done in a year so it was much appreciated and enjoyed! I love this man - so blessed to be his wife!